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So what’s to come after Damian Wayne’s (Robin) death in Batman & Robin? Who will become the next Robin? Click the jump to see more.

Issue #18 of Batman & Robin will be the mourning issue, where Batman will be

Batman & Robin #18

Batman & Robin #18

dealing with the death of his son, Damian Wayne (Robin). So, who will be coming to take his place. Well, we don’t know that part yet. Many suspect that Stephanie Brown might come back or maybe Harper Row will become the next Robin. Whoever it will be, it’ll be a nice addition. However, for the next few issues of Batman & Robin it will be the return of the former Robins working with Batman or consulting him in his grief. See the guest star issues below.

#19 — Batman and Red Robin
#20 — Batman and Red Hood
#21 — Batman and Batgirl
#22 — Batman and Catwoman
#23 — Batman and Nightwing

RIP Damian Wayne, you will be missed.

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