Cillian Murphy Up For More Batman

 I think if it’s a good story and you feel like you have to tell that story, then maybe, yes…”  These words are quoted from Murphy (Dr. Crane/Scarecrow in The Dark Knight Trilogy) from a recent interview.

scarecrow & crane


But should we really be surprised?  Who wouldn’t be up for another outing as a beloved character from a highly successful franchise?  But what is interesting is what Murphy was asked next.  If he would consider signing on as a creator on the next project?  Could we?  “No, I’m not a writer.”  So much for that.  But he did add that “I don’t know what they’re doing with it – but, yes, I wouldn’t rule it out…”  Let’s just face it people, nobody knows whats going on with any potential upcoming Batman flick.  But with all the rumors and constant egging on for answers by interviewers, Im actually for taking one big sigh on this and let thing simmer for a while.  Besides, TDK Trilogy still has plenty of replay value.  Would you like to see Murphy in another Nolan film, or perhaps a spin off?  Or one with his own direction?  Sound off in the comments below.

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Source: Herald