Batman #17: The Aftermath

by Blake Fuller
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Spoilers Below!

Okay readers, let’s put our pitchforks away for a moment and really look at what Scott Snyder accomplished in the conclusion of “Death of the Family”.  We were all expecting some form of mutilation or death in #17.  We were also expecting a major shakeup in the DC Universe.  Were our expectations met?  Definitely!  While there wasn’t a death of one of the Bat-Family members, there was a death of the Joker and some foreshadowing of the separation of the Bat-Family.  While anyone who reads comics knows that the Joker will eventually be “re-born”, there is a sense of unknown as to where Snyder is going to take the Bat-Family.  Will everyone separate, will there be a few that branches off, or will Batman be on his own?  We saw Nightwing at the gates of Wayne Manor after Bruce got blown off by all the other members of his “Family”.  Does this mean that it will be just Batman and Nightwing, just like the “good ‘ole days”?

Another thing to consider is that if Snyder had killed or mutilated one of the members of the Bat-Family, what would that truly had been worth?  It would have been simply shock-value, and it would have been reversed months later.  Honestly, how long could all of the members of the Bat-Family walked around serving justice without their faces?  It would have been a waste of an arc to do something like that.  However, bringing Batman down to his core without the help of his Family will really do the comic justice.  If you have noticed, in the New 52 Batman has not been on his game.  From Court of Owls to Death of the Family, Batman really hasn’t been one step ahead of his nemesis like we are used to.  Maybe Joker was right and his Family is wearing him down and we will get a chance to see Batman take the reins and dominate like only he can!

For those of you who still aren’t satisfied with the conclusion to the arc, wanting some form of death and mutilation there may be some hope.  Notice that Jason still hasn’t put his helmet/hood on?  Remember Joker covering the inside of the helmet with some form of “acid”?  Finally, most of us have seen the “WTF” cover for Red Hood and the Outlaws.  This could be foreshadowing of a faceless Jason, or it could just be a trick DC is pulling on its fans.  If mutilation isn’t enough, don’t forget to checkout Batman Inc. #8!  If speculation is true, you will not be disappointed!

If you’re still not convinced, then go-ahead and pick your pitchforks back up and comment below!

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