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Producers of Young Justice talk about what’s next for Young Justice. Click the jump to read more.

Producers of Young Justice, Greg Weisman and Brandon Vietti spoke with DC Comics about what to expect for this season of Young Justice. They dish out the big named villains who will appear on the show as well as vital roles for certain characters for both old characters and new. Here’s a break down of Weisman and Vietti told DC Comics in an interview:

  • Big villains for this season are Deathstroke, Despero, Mongul, and Terrible Toyman

    Blue Beetle

    Blue Beetle

  • The original Roy Harper will be coming back as Arsenal
  • Aqualad’s story line will create a lot of twists and turns for the show since he is now working for his father, Black Manta. He is also an undercover agent for Nightwing.
  • Jaime Reyes who’s alter ego is Blue Beetle has a vital role in this season’s Young Justice: Invasion. 
  • The return of the show will bring about a down spiral of twist and turns and things will become exceedingly worse for the Young Justice team.

It’s exciting to see Deathstroke since he’s been teased in the Young Justice trailers. In the comic books, Deathstroke has been a big named villain for Nightwing so maybe he might be interacting more with Dick Grayson in Young Justice. It’s a long shot to guess this, but more or less Deathstroke’s character is more of a mercenary who does bidding for organizations so he might be someone for the whole team to go up against. The original Roy Harper will be coming back, and it should be safe to say that he will called Arsenal, since we left off with him naming himself as this new name. As far as Blue Beetle is concerned,  Brandon Vietti (producer) has a huge love for the character so we’re going to see more of him this season.



There are many concerns for the show right now and there is only one that we can really ask, will DC Nation go on another hiatus again? This has happened before with episode 10 “Before the Dawn,” DC Nation called an unexpected hiatus leaving fans disappointed and angry. Clearly, this is annoying but Young Justice only has four episodes up. Hopefully, they will continue the show until June. 

As a reminder, this is still season 2 of Young Justice. The show as been around for two years since November of 2010.

You can see sneak image stills of episode 10 “Before the Dawn” as well as a refresher trailer for season 2 of Young Justice down below.

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Source- DC Comics 


Blue Beetle

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