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Fabian Nicieza is giving Batwing a chance to reconnect with comic book readers. Batwing #16 preview, click the jump to see more.

PLOT:  David refuses one bribe too many, and now the police have issued a hit on him! It’s Batwing vs. the correct police force of Tinasha! Can Batwing save his alter ego and the innocents who may be caught in the crossfire?

Fabian Nicieza (current writer of Batwing) is trying to give Batwing a re-connection with the comic readers. For the longest time, Batwing seemed like he didn’t have a story line after Judd Winick left. The character really didn’t connect with readers and most of them left the comic book title way before Winick left the title. Now, Nicieza is trying to save the Batman comic book before DC Comics decides to let it go. We’ll see after two issues if the book can be saved.

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Source- Crave Online 

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