For those who are Nightwing fans or want to see Joseph Gordon Levitt become Nightwing, here’s a a new fan-made Nightwing coming at you soon. Click the jump to read more.

New fan-made Nightwing short is in production and it looks high quality. The short is called Nightwing: The Prodigal Son and it stars Award Winning Canadian actor and International Pro-Wrestler, Brady Roberts. He has some recognition and Roberts looks like he can fit the part of Nightwing to a tee. What this also means is that fans will get to see some real moves of their favorite former Robin. The short is in production right now, and Roberts is the only one trying to leak the short to the public.

Check out some of the leaked production pictures (down below) and if you want to follow this Nightwing short please follow Roberts’ twitter account and facebook for more updates. You can find them down below on the source link.

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Source- Brady Roberts Twitter & Facebook