You wanna see Batman in the real, real world. Artist, Denis Merdi designs Batman like you’ve never seen him before. On top of all that he’s cool to cosplay. Click the jump to see.

We’ve been given the realistic Batman from Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Trilogy, but let’s Batman in the real world. Denis Merdi has designed some cool Batman fan art called Batman Rockabilly where he has illustrated all the Batman characters from the stylish 1950’s. It’s a new portrayal of the characters, which has a very cool appeal to them. Some fans of the artwork have started to do cosplay of the characters.

Of course, Batman and Nightwing look so cool; but I am more captivated by how Catwoman and Harley Quinn look in this style! On a side note, I think Scott Snyder (writer of Batman) can write some amazing story lines for these characters. If only he  was inspired to do so and push DC Comics to make with the publication. WOULDN’T THAT BE AWESOME!?

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Source- Deviant Art