American Film Institute Says TDKR Is Among Top 10 Of 2012

The AFI just nominated TDKR as amongst the years finest achievements of cinema in 2012, a statement which I completely agree with (I will cry if TDKR doesn’t win).  This year unlike last, there have been some very notable films that will be competing for the prize of best picture.  Honestly and I don’t care if I have a biased view on it, but if TDKR doesn’t win after what the trilogy has put up, then I will truly be disappointed.  The things that have come out of cinema because of it have changed the game for ever.  And no matter how much garbage is pumped in and out year out, the quality of films are getting better and the surprises are better and better every year.  When BB came out people realized what not just comic book movies could become but movies in general.  When TDK came out it, it paved the way for a newer generation of film to come and thrive.  With TDKR it proved that great things could come in threes and still be great the third time around.  If this is a sign of things to come, I hope it comes true.  What do you think the chances are?


Source: LA Times