We have seen the New 52’s Joker, now we’re getting the New 52’s Riddler. Click the jump to see.

Greg Capullo (artist of Batman) has brought us a scarier version of the Joker this fall with “Death of a Family.” Everyone has been impressed by his dark illustrations and cinematic artwork that has revamped Batman in The New 52’s. Next year around June 2013, the new villain coming to Gotham who will be revamped is The Riddler. You can see the black & white as well as the colored version of Capullo’s Riddler.


Now, before we start judging. Here’s what Capullo states about this illustration of the Riddler from his Twitter feed:

So, this is not how the Riddler will appear in Batman. But still, it’s a cool tease for those of you who are Riddler fans.

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Source- Greg Capullo’s Twitter