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Will Damian underestimate Joker in Batman & Robin “Death of a Family?” Click below to see.

Peter J. Tomasi (writer of Batman & Robin) has given us a better look at Damian Wayne, current Robin of The New 52’s and son to Bruce Wayne. Tomasi has made the character more lovable and enjoyable to read and as some have put Damian, he is our Hit Girl of DC Comics. 

Now that “Death of a Family,” has gotten everyone excited about Batman comic books for this season. Tomasi addresses how Damian views Joker and how he will duke it out with the Clown Prince of Crimes:

Damian doesn’t take the Joker lightly whatsoever, especially after what went down in their previous battle. He knows the Joker to be a dangerous and unpredictable bastard who will stop at nothing to achieve his end game. And like in real life, young kids get their cues from their parents. Damian can sense the dread and foreboding that Bruce has whenever the Joker takes the stage, so that’s what mainly guides Damian’s own approach and feelings about the Joker.

The Joker, in my issue, is hell bent on giving Damian some “clarity and illumination” regarding Damian’s relationship with Bruce and the rest of the Bat Family. The Joker wants to show Damian what a burden he is as Batman’s sidekick and tries to convince him to give Batman the freedom the Joker so richly believes Bats deserves. And of course the answer to that is not gonna be pretty — in fact it’s gonna be downright ugly.

Tomasi worked closely with Scott Snyder (writer of Batman) on the portrayal of the Joker for “Death of a Family” tie-ins. He has embodied the darkness and eeriness of Joker into Batman & Robin. For Issue #14 of Batman & Robin, it has not started the crossover with “Death of a Family” yet. However, the issue eludes to the upcoming crossover as Damian investigates more into the Joker.

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