Tumbler Tour Uannounced Stop in Nashville Tennesse

by AdamPrince
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Well everyone knows that the Tumbler Tour has been making its final rounds showing off all the batmobiles before The Dark Knight Rises hits the stores December 4 th , but it is really annoying to me that they showed up last night in Nashville Tennessee at a Best Buy parking lot without even announcing it on their Tumbler Tour page . Poor planning and advertising as far as I’m concerned . As you can see from some of the pictures there was hardly anyone at this event . DKN’s Batman was not able to be there but good news is that our friends from The Show stopped by and gave us  some pictures . So if you haven’t seen them enjoy .

I would like to thank Maco Man Mike , Showgirl Brooklyn , Adam , and J. Patrick for getting me these pictures to show Dark Knight News .

Source – The Show via FaceBook

– Adam Prince

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