Street Batman Model

by AdamPrince
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I thought this was cool and had to show you . Over at cgchannel artist Darko Hanzic wanted to enter into a comic con challenge . He talks about wanting to make his own version of Batman by giving it a completely different look .

Hey everybody!

I finally have something new to show up. The character was meant to be as my entry to a comicon challenge, where I had to pickup the existing superhero character and make my own twist on it. I chose batman, because he is my favorite superhero.

I wanted to convey visceral, strong figure without high tech gadgetry. I chose more common clothing, to give him street vigilante look.

It is a low poly model around 8000 triangles plus pedestal. I used Zbrush to model high res details and than baked it with Xnormal. The final image is actually real-time, rendered inside marmoset engine, and than composed inside photoshop.

I hope you like it and enjoy the viewing.

Source – cgchannel

– Adam Prince

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