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Doesn’t this person look like someone you might know? Catwoman?!


I think I just fell in love again with Huntress. Since the relaunch with The New 52’s for DC Comics, Huntress hasn’t been doing so well as a character nor was she redesigned. Since Arrow will be using her in the series, I was hoping that her costume design would be revamped. THANK GOD IT IS! She looks totally more bad ass, and I am a huge Huntress fan. Jessica de Gouw will be playing as Helena/The Huntress and she will be appearing in episode 7 called “Muse Of Fire,” which introduces the character and is co-written by Geoff Johns (writer of Justice League, Green Lantern, Batman: Earth One). Episode 7 will appear on November 28th.  This version of Huntress resembles Catwoman from The Dark Knight Rises. SPOILERS for those who don’t know, Huntress is Selina/Catwoman’s daughter from another parallel universe according to DC Comics.  I am totally digging Huntress using a crossbow. It’s a definitely a fangirl, I mean fanboy nod to the character.

See Huntress down below.

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Source- Green Arrow TV 


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