The new artist for Batman: The Dark Knight is Ethan Van Sciver who was artist for Green Lantern Annual is making head way for Batman Comics in general. His first milestone is tackling Batman: The Dark Knight. Unlike David Finch (current artist for Batman: The Dark Knight), Van Sciver is coming with a more clean cut style for Batman. There is nothing wrong with a clean cut style, it’s just that fans are more used to the dark grittiness that Finch has done for the comic book.

Van Sciver is extremely enthusiastic about doing a Batman comic book, but his eyes are set on Batman. I’m assuming since the artwork and story telling from both Scott Snyder (writer of Batman) and Greg Capullo (artist of Batman) are up on the highest waves of the Batman comic books. I think Van Sciver is just being a bit of coat tailer at this point. I think he should totally pump his brakes and focus on impressing fans on Batman: The Dark Knight. Here’s what Van Sciver says about doing Batman:

 I’ve done super outer space drama and the like, but I’ve never had a chance to draw urban drama

Ethan Van Sciver

and crime and decay. I’ve always wanted to, and I’ve always felt I’d be pretty good at it. Batman is more of a shape than a man, which I love. When you’re drawing Green Lantern, you pretty much have to draw Green Lantern the same way every time. When you’re drawing Batman, just the shape of the cape and the wind and the rain – and yeah, I’d never thought of it that way, but he is kind of composed of these jagged, triangular shapes. That really has so much opportunity to be spooky and to be weird. All of Batman’s villains are deformed and mentally ill. That’s so much fun. It’s really the book that I’ve wanted for a long time and was kind of afraid to ask for. Because everybody wants to draw Batman. Everybody does.

It’s ambitious of Van Sciver to pursue a Batman comic book, I just feel that he needs to focus on making Batman: The Dark Knight; the best it can be. If you would like to see more of the interview, go to the source link below and read it.

Source- CBR