Now that we are well into October, the wear is getting colder and it’s about time for a hefty warm coat. Preferably, a coat that screams “Gotham in Ashes” appeal. Or…maybe you want to be Bane for this Halloween coming up. Now, you can’t be Bane without his signature overcoat. At Angel’s Jackets, they are selling the inspired and imported distress synthetic leather coat that resembles the one from The Dark Knight Rises. Here are the details of the coat:

The Dark Knight Bane Sheepskin Coat has a button closure with an erect collar and shearling lining appending an offbeat yet impactful character to your personality. Made of the finest quality imported synthetic leather, this Dark Knight Rises Bane Jacket Costume is bound to make you look simply dazzling!

Seriously, this is totally bad ass for anyone who wants this coat for $225. You have my permission to BE BAD ASS! Check out the coat below.

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Source- Angel Jackets