The Apptivity line for Mattel is bringing the full force of its children’s entertainment to the iPad. The Apptivity line is supposed to be for children’s game playing and they chose to use  The Dark Knight Rises movie as a way of getting children to use this line.  The game pits Bruce Wayne’s alter-ego against iconic enemies. The player moves Batman back and forth to attack, while a button on the back of the figure launches his special attack.

What comes with the  Batman set is several different figures with their own special attacks. There is toy version of The Bat vehicle from the movie and allows children to experience flying through skies of the interactive Gotham City. Basic sets cost about $10 in the US and it comes with a figure and instructions to download the corresponding app. These games are aimed for children from ages 4 and up, so it’s a great way to get children more familiar with the iPad at an early age.

Here’s some images of the game and click onto the source link below to see the clip of this app.

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Source- Mattel Apptivity