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RATING: QUICK PAGE TURNER, confusing and has very little to do with Batwing.

Apparently, Judd Winick is still writer of Batwing. Even though, he left Batwing on Issue #0; Winick wrote the script for Issue #13 before he left. So, DC Comics followed through with Winick’s storytelling. I don’t want to go all out on this issue because it evident that this issue had a very little planning. The comic book continues to portray Batwing as no more than the Wizard of Oz’s Tin Man on an adventure trip. Particularly, you see other ambiguous characters than you do with Batwing or David Zambivre for that matter. The whole point of this comic book is to read about Batwing/David and how he struggles to keep justice in Africa.

In Issue #13, we are introduced to a new villain called Father Lost who has a cult following and is sacrificing humans for an unknown goddess. Apparently, this must be stopped and Dawn(supernatural vigilante) comes in to stop the sacrifice. Does anyone have any idea who she is? I don’t. The story is trying to establish Father Lost as an actual dangerous villain. However, all I see is a one-shot villain whom we won’t see ever again. The characters are one dimensional and serve only one purpose even Batwing served little purpose as he crashed through the ceiling to stop the cult. It’s very confusing from start to finish, and it feels like you’re supposed to know these characters; but you don’t. Unfortunately, Winick might have just  pulled the story out of the back of his head and put it on paper.

As for Marcus To, I admire his artwork. It is fresh and clean as always. I believe his talents are being wasted on this comic book. Still, everyone has to start somewhere. The panels were a bit convectional, but still maintained decent artwork with the storytelling.

Check out some of the panels that I thought were cool.

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