The new Batman comic book, Talon has been well received by comic book readers and is now being showcased as one of the best new comic books of the third wave. James Tynion IV (writer of Talon) and Guillem March (current artist of Talon) have a few words to say about Talon: 

Calvin Rose aka Talon
Calvin Rose aka Talon

James Tynion IV: It was about building a character that could last well beyond what we have planned, and about building a series that still has big stories to tell when it gets to issue #26 and even issue #58. If we were going to create this new character, it had to be someone with the potential and the personality to stick around the DC Universe for years, otherwise it wouldn’t be worth creating him in the first place. If the readers dig the series and support it, I honestly believe that there are years and years of great stories for Calvin, and a real chance that he will be sticking around for quite some time.

Guillem March: I love drawing dark and solitary characters, more than groups of colorful superheroes, so I love working in the Bat family. I’m also really excited by the fact this is a new character, so I’m somehow establishing his world, instead of sticking to what a previous artist has done with him. That’s a responsibility I enjoy a lot.

Talon might be the next Batman-related character that might have its own fan base very soonHopefully, Batman fans will appreciate the storytelling as well as the art by both Tynion and March.

Until then, here’s a page of Talon #1 down below to get some of you interested in reading this comic book. Enjoy! To read more of this interview, click onto the source link below.

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Source- DC Comics