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RATING: Enjoyable Issue, read while you’re waiting for someone/something.

Red Hood & the Outlaws #0 has everything to do with Jason Todd aka Red Hood becoming a Robin and then dying. Scott Lobdell (writer of Red Hood & the Outlaws and Teen Titans) chose to give a surprise at the end of this issue and it wasn’t huge, but did make me want to hope for more details on this surprising twist. Timothy Green II did not draw this issue, instead, Pascual Ferry and Brett Booth (artist of Teen Titans) drew this issue. However, Booth only did the last four pages. Still, Booth did a great job with is panels and art direction.

 Issue #0 of Red Hood & the Outlaws is told from Jason Todd’s perspective, where he tells the audience how he was born and what kind of childhood he had. You can see that as a Robin, he did not such a great loving family. Even though, he was surrounded by the hardships of life; Todd was still able to do the right thing for the most part. I categorize his actions as juvenile delinquent as survivalism, because in a world of poverty and despair. One would have to learn how to survive. Most of the Lobdell’s storytelling is told from voice-overs, but I think if Lobdell didn’t do the voice-overs; Ferry would have done a good work at portraying Lobdell’s work.

Ferry did well with the time he had for this issue, since the issue was supposed to be covered by Dwayne Turner. Apparently, Ferry was picked instead to this issue. In the end, Booth had to step in to do the last four pages of the issue. The last four pages was the twisted surprise, where the Joker tells his perspective of making Jason Todd into a Robin and then into Red Hood. Booth appeased to Lobdell’s zany sense of humor. The two work well together, I think if anything Booth should do Red Hood instead of doing Nightwing. Anyway, Booth used tons of panels in his four pages to tell Joker’s story of Jason Todd. I must say it was comical as well as sinister as hell. By the end of this four page storytelling, you find out that Joker is basically responsible for making Jason Todd into who he is today. Now, I’m interested, thanks Lobdell for actually combining your zany and serious storytelling into making a coherent plot twist. I’m looking forward to “Death of a Family” for Red Hood because things are about to get real.

Check out some of the panels that I thought were cool.

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