RATING: Enjoyable Issue, filled with tons of details.

For the most part, Nightwing #0 retells the story of Dick Grayson becoming Robin and then becoming Nightwing. For most comic book readers, there wasn’t much revealed. If anything, Kyle Higgins (writer of Nightwing) made Dick Grayson’s origin more up-to-date. So any new readers will be able to relate to the character. For the most part, Higgins kept to the original story and gave Dick a revamp. Eddy Barrows (artist of Nightwing) conveyed Higgins’ story well in this issue.

By now, some of you are fans of Kyle Higgins (writer of Nightwing). His story telling does not rely so much on voice-overs to describe the story. However, he uses voice-over to heighten the emotions and suspense of his story telling. This is greatly appreciated because comic book readers shouldn’t be told what is going on all the time. The writer should let the artist portray the scenes through the panels. Unless, you have a crappy artist who has no idea what they’re drawing. Basically, the writer should use voice-overs if the artist is crap. Eddy Barrows does not disappoint and conveyed Higgins’ story well. The two work very well together. Barrows’ panel work is superb, however, when it comes to facial expressions I’ve found his art lacking. For instance, when Dick is speaking to his mother in this issue; I found that both had this buck tooth expression. I felt that Dick Grayson’s facial expression looked like an adult child. For the most part, I enjoyed Barrows’ work because he was able to fill up each page with tons of panels. Sometimes, too many panels distract readers but his panels had purpose displaying important details of Higgins’ story telling.

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