Interview With The First Female Robin!

by Ryan Shields
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Well, technically she’s not the first to voice Carrie (BTA: Legends Of The Dark Knight), but she is the first to bring her full character to life on the big screen.  While no rookie to voicing DC characters, Ariel Winter brings her A game along with the big guys to bring Miller’s graphic novel to life.  DC Collectors sat down with the Modern Family actress to discuss her character.

DCC: Imagining many of your fans are experiencing Batman: The Dark Knight Returns for the first time, describe your character Carrie Kelly’s place in the story.

AW:  Carrie is sort of a street kind of gangster girl who lives in this shady part of Gotham City. She’s always dreamed to meet her hero, Batman. One day she’s walking with her friend Michelle, and they get mugged by the Mutants – but Batman saves her. So she then sets out to be Batman’s partner in crime, er, crime-fighting. And eventually, she succeeds and becomes Robin.

DCC: Are there similarities between Ariel Winter and Carrie Kelly, and how did that help/hinder getting into character?

AW:  Carrie and I share a lot of characteristics. We both like crime fighting. We both like Batman. We would both blow off school for crime fighting. (giggles) Actually, no, I would do my school during the day and then crime fight at night. It wasn’t really hard getting into Carrie’s mindset because I’ve always wanted to play the sort of Tomb Raider, Kick-Ass role where the girl is really the brains behind the power. So I was excited when I got to do it. I just devoured the script. I was surprised. It was pretty violent. I read it and I saw some of the things and I was like, “Woah! That is so cool.” I’m a big fan of that action, thriller sort of thing, so it was exciting for me to read.


DCC: How important to you is being the first female Robin?

AW:  It’s really cool to be the first female animated Robin. There’s been so many amazing boys, but I think I can just bring something new that the fans have never experienced. So I’m really honored to be part of such a fantastic project. Female empowerment really is important to me. I’m a big nerd of the books from the 15th  Century and 16th Century, when the men had all the power and the women had none of it. So to have Robin be a girl is cool because it gives girls a chance to know that they can do everything boys can do, and even better. No offense (laughs), but it’s true.

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Source: DC Collectors

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