RATING: MUST READ ISSUE, read carefully for cool art details by Greg Capullo. 

This story takes place six years in the past . The story opens up with the Red Hood Gang robbing the Gotham National Bank . At which I was not to happy on how the leader , as we all know would become the Joker. Who was presented very poorly in my opinion. Why do we need to see part of his face ? After one of the hoods commits an act of violence towards one of the people in the bank , the Red Hood leader sets his attention on this henchman who turns out to be Bruce Wayne undercover . You could clearly tell it was Bruce . After Bruce fights his way out of the bank and manages to get into the sewers we see some of his gadgets as well as him talking with Alfred in his Gotham City apartment. Later Lt. James Gordon shows up at Bruce’s home ,which I might add I thought was much like the cartoon,  The Batman  in which Bruce lived in the city near all the crime . Gordon suspects that Bruce may have knowledge of the going ons in the area as well as someone going around being a vigilante .

Later we meet all of the future Robins . Starting with a very smart  young detective computer genius, Tim Drake exposing a serious criminal offense in his own school regarding his principal . Next a young  juvenile delinquent, Jason Todd . He is at first robbing a man with a friend . It all goes bad when Jason’s friend shoots a bystander . Jason beats his friend for doing it as the police come up to break it up . After Jason explains what happened the cops don’t suspect him of anything . Next we meet the flying Grayson, Dick Grayson . Grayson is talking it up as he always does . He looks up and is instantly enamored with the notion of the Batman signal in Gotham. And last but not least we are introduced to Barbara Gordon, as she joins her father on top of the GCPD headquarters, lighting the bat signal for the first time . After Gordon and Barbara finish talking and he heads back in the building and leaves Barbara looking up at the bat signal filling the Gotham sky. It was really cool seeing them all together this way . Not to sure about the age difference on them but that’s just me I guess .

As always Greg Capullo  in my opinion does awesome work . Between Capullo and Jonathan Glapion, the pages always have that gritty tone I always like to see for Gotham for its characters . Scott Snyder is still doing Batman justice by giving us great story telling. James Tynion IV who has worked with Scott Snyder on the Batman story arc, “Night of the Owls”; I loved his back story intro to all the Bat-family . Outside of Snyder’s Red Hood dialogue with his gang, I enjoyed it and can’t wait to see what is in store for  the next issue. I most definitely recommend this issue.

Check out some of the panels that I thought were cool.

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– Adam Prince







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