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For those of you who have not watched or downloaded the leaked Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 1.  That’s cool. For those who have…it’s okay. This is still cool for everyone to see. Long time butler and confidant to Bruce Wayne, Alfred is super sarcastic in Batman: The Dark Knight Returns. He cracks a lot on Bruce about being Batman and it shows how worried he is about Bruce. It’s very touching, but as hell. I didn’t have to see the leaked movie to know this. So I urge many of you to read Batman: The Dark Knight Returns graphic book. You only have to read the first two books to get a jest of Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 1. It’s very enjoyable and it’s a Batman classic!

For those who are just getting into Batman, remember this animated feature is coming out September 25th so be on the look out.

Enjoy the clip below, rip your sides apart!

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Source- The Dark Knight Returns Facebook Page

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