Sorry No Directors Cut OF Dark Knight Rises Planned

by Matt
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The Playlist claims that the rumored Extended cut OF Dark Knight Rises is completely false.

While reports of a four-hour cut circulated months ago, that’s pretty much standard for the first assembly cut of any movie — as Nolan says, “what we do editorially is just compress and stuff everything into the sandwich. Frankly, a lot of that is about music, about [composer] Hans Zimmer. We’re going to cut this film faster than anybody can care about anything, so [Zimmer has] to find a way to score it so people feel what they’re meant to feel as they go along. By the end, the last two reels are practically a musical. That’s the way it works on all of the films I’ve done.

Maybe in ten years were get a ten year anniversary edition of the movie with more deleted scenes but this current edition I wouldn’t hold your breath.


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