Batman #0 has a back-up story done by James Tynion IV who is also doing his own comic book, Talon, a spin-off from “Night of the Owls.” Tynion is an awesome writer who gives the audience a reason to love the characters he writes for. Tynion has a sneak peek of Batman #0 back-up story, check out the image down below. Here’s what Tynion had to say about his back-up:

Little sneak peek at my backup in tomorrow’s BATMAN #0! This is probably the story I’m most proud of writing so far. And the art by Andy Clarke is freaking phenomenal. And obviously, Scott and Greg KILL on the feature.

Andy Clarke does phenomenal work on cover art and I’m sure he’ll do well for the artwork on this back-up.

My question is who is this character? Could this be Dick Grayson?  Comment down below, DKN FacebookDKNewsCom, or DC Comics Fans.

Source- James Tynion IV