Rises Directors Cut Due Before MOS?

by Ryan Shields
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I hate salt.  But I guess when you’re given it, you have to deal with it one way or another.  Today’s rumor is that the highly wanted director’s cut of The Dark Knight Rises will be dealt out some time before the release of Man of Steel.  I really hope that this one isn’t true.  I would like if it was released with the original DVD that is rumored (in my eyes, definitely) coming out in time for Christmas, it doesn’t make much sense for WB to release a whole separate DVD just for the director’s cut. It is just a waste of disks unless there is something more to be added.  True die hards are still most likely go out and buy it probably, but still.  We also must remember that Nolan isn’t the kind to give his blessings on such things so don’t be so let down if any of this doesn’t happen, but be grateful if he does decide to bend the rules just this once.

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