Are you a music junkie or a fan of soundtracks? Particularly, Batman soundtracks well Geek Tyrant premiered their first episode of Soundtrax is here for you to share and download. It’s absolutely free. In the pilot episode, listen to some awesome focused tracks from The Dark Knight Rises movie and some great trivia! Be sure subscribe on iTunes because they have a lot more in store for you, music/soundtrack junkies!

In addition to that, they’re giving away free copies of TDKR’s soundtrack to 3 fans who share the specially marked posts on their Facebook and Twitter, so make sure you share if you want a free soundtrack!

I love these kinds of podcast with focused discussions about the movie and the soundtrack.  Mick (the host) gives cool trivia and I’m just becoming a huge fan of this podcast. Click below to hear their podcast.

Source- Geek Tyrant (Soundtrax by Mick Joest)