Even though in DC Comics, we don’t have Stephanie Brown and some are quite pissed about that. At least those Stephanie Brown fans can have something to look forward to with the web series of Batgirl Spoiled featuring Stephanie Brown. Basically for those who don’t know, a web series airs weekly or sometimes bi-weekly depending on the series. Pretty much, Stephanie Brown fans can get a dose of their favorite Batgirl.

Batgirl Spoiled will be airing their first episode at Comikaze Expo next month before the web premiere. So if you’re near the expo, you can get a chance to see Batgirl Spoiled and tell Dark Knight News about it. Check out the trailer of Batgirl Spoiled down below.

I wish they did a Cassandra Cain live action, she’s my favorite version of Batgirl.

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Source- Batgirl Spoiled (Facebook)