Now, I am going to remind all of you that I have just started reading Batwing. For those who have been diligent in keeping up with this comic book, I really do commend you for following Judd Winick because I was not that interested in this comic book at all. However, I am opening up my interests in most things related to Batman. Please bear with me.

This issue is the end of Lord Battle’s (Batwing’s villain) story arc, where his very existence is to support Tundi with his powers to flourish its trees and plants. Battle’s powers do not only flourish the trees, but also his minions’ (henchmen) strength. Lord Battle was so strong that Batwing had to call on the Justice League International and Nightwing to help him out. I found this pretty cool because it doesn’t isolate Batwing from the rest of the Bat-family due to his color or ethnicity. He toke a bat-symbol on his chest so he’s part of the family. I just thought that was cool. The fight with Lord Battle comes from the current climate in Africa where there is civil war among the countries causing fear and despair. I would think that Batwing will always have to fight against genocide, guerrilla warfare, and corrupt governments. This would make Batwing very favorable as an international vigilante hero who stands for what is just and right in Africa. If you’re wondering about Batman, he was also in this issue but I won’t ruin his role in this issue. Let’s just say…Batman was Capt. Kirk in this issue.

Marcus To, really impressed me with making every character different from the other. As Winick stated before in an interview, he picked To because he knew To would not try to give every character a wig head. Wig head meaning that every character would look the same in the face. This was not the case for Batwing, everyone had their own unique character face and design. I do believe that Winick is best with Batwing than he was with Catwoman. Marcus To is just a great artist and I think that both can do wonders with Batwing, making the character more favorable and recognizable in Batman Universe. I’m looking forward to Batwing’s new villain called King Shadow, which will be a new story arc with a slight continuation of Lord Battle’s story arc.

Check out the panels down below that I thought were cool. Do you like Batwing? Would you like another character to be added to the Bat-family? If so, what would be their name or character design?

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