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Chris Corbould is the Special Effects Supervisor of The Dark Knight Rises. He shares what new vehicles are going to be found in the movie coming out. Plus, some awesome points were made about the new vehicles, what he wanted to do for the movie, and the shooting locations. These are found below:

  • There are three different Tumblers with various different types of gadgets and weapons on them.
  • A lot of the basic plans for the fight scenes change dramatically while filming as Chris gets new ideas for how he wants the fight to go.
  • Corbould wanted to create another Bat vehicle but was unable to do it on this movie.
  • Chris Nolan likes to combine as many physical effects into the CGI elements that he can to make it look as real as he can.
  • Much of the movie is supposed to take place in Winter in Gotham, but since the production is filming in the summer in Pittsburgh they had to dress the set in snow and steam and use lighting techniques to make it look like winter.
  • There will be at least two show-stopping effects similar to the truck-flip from The Dark Knight. One is filmed in Pittsburgh and one is filmed in Los Angeles.

Source- Collider 


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