There was a huge story that LA Hero Complex released and it is a real treat. Since we are about 14 days away from The Dark Knight Rises movie, the spoilers continue to come and by the time the movie comes along we would have already known every detail. Well, that is how I feel. It is like “I don’t wanna know anymore. STOP RUINING THE MOVIE FOR ME!” Well, guys I cannot. However, what I can say is that LA Hero Complex addresses Christopher Nolan’s life and gives a bit of what Nolan has brought for us as I would like to call “His Finale Masterpiece.” So here is what LA Hero Complex has for the movie:

“Nolan said a primary goal of the third and final installment in his Batman series is to create “a unified statement, a real ending, a true conclusion. The filmmaker collaborated with David S. Goyer on the story for the new film and then co-wrote it with his brother, Jonathan — an approach that held throughout the trilogy. The third act of the third film delivers a serious of jolting twists and jarring turns and an exclamation point climax. Nolan finale takes Batman and his on-screen mythology to place it has never been before.

While the details can’t discussed, of course, the director enjoys broader conversation about the infrastructure. Fascinated with architecture, the filmmaker describes the rises and falls of his characters as if they elevation points of a blueprint plan.  He also presents the trilogy almost as a tale of different levels — the heights of the city, the street level and the underground of caves and sewers. ‘Dark Knight Rises’ presents a story where greed, hypocrisy and false justice bring the down the city’s bridges, stadium and the houses of government.

We really wanted a cast of thousands, literally, and all of that for me is trying to represent the world in primarily visual and architectural terms,” Nolan said. ‘So the thematic idea is that the superficial positivity is being eaten away from underneath; we tried to make that quite literal.'”

This is something that we have brought up time and time again in DKN Fan Roundtables and even I directed this way in my opinion articles. It is great to see that our speculations have been verified. The whole movie’s story is about people, belief, and keeping the hope alive. This is the concept of the movie, if you give people a reason they can overcome anything. Batman is the symbol just like the IMAX poster shows, he is Gotham’s hope. Real hope, not the damn Harvey Dent Act. Comment below or on DKN Faceboook about what you think of Nolan’s concept for the movie and if your speculations matched what was said in the story.

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Source- LA Hero Complex