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Scott Snyder’s The New 52’s Batman has been the talk about comic book story arc. I am so sad to say that the story arc will be ending. We were introduced to a new perspective of Gotham City that does not belong to Batman, but to the Court of Owls who run and orchestrate Gotham City. What an awesome way to end the story arc with a signing of the writer himself.  Snyder will be signing the last issue of the Court of Owls in New York City at Midtown Comics on July 11th. You must purchase the last issue of the story arc to come to the signing. Hopefully, he will discuss his process of writing Batman and will also discuss his new story arc for the next issue which will feature our favorite lovable Batman nemesis, the Joker.

I will be attending Midtown Comics that day so if you are in the area or visiting Manhattan. Stop on by and give me holla. If you want to RSVP through Facebook go to Midtown Comics blog.

Source- Midtown Comics 


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