Batman Inc For The Ladies

Grant Morrison Batman Inc has been pretty controversial but I’m one of the many that love it. It’s not as amazing as his Batman and Robin arch but it’s still a ton of fun. Recently Morrison spoke to USA today about the upcoming issue of Batman inc being one for girls.  He also spoke a bit about Talia which I thought was interesting, here’s the quote:

Morrison told artist Chris Burnham to check out some of the old Adams stuff, but Burnham has created his own version where you can’t tell if she’s European or Asian and is fittingly “the ultimate daughter of the ultimate bad guy,” the writer says. “She’s a bit Barbarella in a way, as well.”

Yet Morrison has made sure that no matter what Talia does — and she’s done some pretty bad stuff — she’s always more than just a Batman villain. For this story to work, he says, the reader has to love her, too.

“She has to have a point of view, even if it is slightly megalomaniacal. You can see in issue 2 how she was framed by her father and how he brought her up and how that then reflected on Damian and so on, and it’s a tragedy through generations,” he adds.

“Where do you finally pull the plug on something like that? It’s more of a human story than maybe the stuff we’ve done before.”

Source: USA today