This June, the Rolling Stones released Christian Bale’s interview in the Spanish edition. It was translated from Spanish to English in Comic Book Movie. This interview was done last year in Pittsburgh while the cast was shooting on location. Bale took the time out to be interviewed during the shoot answering the following questions:

  • Why Did He Take The Role?

“I thought that I could get something new out of the role. I was never interested in the other Batman movies, even though I liked watching the series since I was a kid, but it wasn’t anything special for me. Originally, the first installment was going to a low budget film, and that was the type of project that I wanted to be a part of. Later, it became a huge production and I thought: ‘Oh, S***’. However, when they got Chris as the director, I knew that he would make something a lot more interesting than we had ever seen. People laughed when we told them we were going to take Batman seriously. But when those same people saw the movie, they were left surprised. I am proud of these movies that we have done because, normally, in these massive production, details are lost, and these movies don’t disappoint in that aspect.”

  • Batman’s Costume

“It was a pain to put on, and once on it was like an oven. It wasn’t comfortable wearing black rubber, but at we mostly filmed at night when it was colder.”

  • Did Nolan Always Planned A Trilogy?
“Yes, Chris talked about the sequels the first time he opened his mouth. It didn’t interest me to make more than one Batman, but it came out good and I loved what Chris was doing. We’ve had a lot of fun making these movies.”
  • Character’s Popularity From The Realism
“Everything Bruce Wayne gets is believable; a man should be able to do it. Bruce uses perception, psychology, and martial arts. Anyone of us can pull it off.”
  • What To Expect From The Dark Knight Rises?
“It will explore the pain that Bruce Wayne has been running from and his motivation. His chase after the bad guys in his heroic act and it is something very exciting, however Bruce, the Casanova, is a pure facade, a lie. Only Alfred knows his true self. The time has come to face the pain from the great loss that has always affected his life.”
  • Who Has The Hardest Role?
“Anne is marvelous, Joseph is phenomenal, and Tom is fantastic. Perhaps the hardest role was that of Anne’s. There are people that think that the role of Catwoman has already been defined previously (by Michelle Pfeiffer in Batman Returns, in 1992). But I’ve always considered her role as the most complicated of all.”
  • Ready To Move On
“It was like saying goodbye to an old friend. When you have the opportunity to play a role so many times, you develop another type of relationship with it, a more profound one. But I am ready to move on.”
There are only few things that can be said in this interview, these answers have been said before. However, this time some of it sheds some light on the movie. From the “what to expect” question, Bruce will be facing his own demons, the same demons he has tried to smother at the back of his mind since he was a child which is the death of his parents. Now, in The Dark Knight Rises, Bruce will be exploring his motivations as to why he has become Batman. Even though, this is his biggest scar Bruce was more scars to added onto his sleeve such as Rachel’s death and dealing with his current fugitive status in Gotham City. As we have know all along, this finale movie will bring the full circle on the era of Batman. It will be quite a closure.
For more of interview check out the images below for the Rolling Stones in Spanish.
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