io9 Finds Mysterious New Character

iO9 was sent in a toy picture featuring a mysterious ninja guy on the left. Who is this character? Is it just Ninja Bruce Wayne or is this Azeral? Here’s what io9 speculated:

Thanks to an io9 reader, we now have a close look at a brand new face, well a toy face. Who could this gentleman on the right be? We have three guesses. One, it’s Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s eventual costume (we’ve only seen him recently in the trailer as a cop in his Gotham blues). Is it Bruce Wayne in ninja garb? Which could mean that he’s contemplating a return to the League of Shadows. Or could this be the younger version of Ra’s Al Ghul played by Josh Pence? (Former Ra’s Al Ghul Liam Neeson is also confirmed to make a cameo in this film).

It’s likely that this is a member of the Ghul clan, as the character’s wardrobe is A.) consistent with the style seen earlier worn by Neeson in Batman Begins and B.) with the style we spotted Marion Cotillard in on the set of The Dark Knight Rises. She is rumored to be cast as as Ghul’s daughter Talia Al Ghul, even though she has denied it. Thanks for the tip Rickotron!