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This is Catwoman #9: Mirrors Come In All Sizes review.  Catwoman is on a stake out with her sidekick/love interest, Spark on stealing the valuable daggers from The Penguin (Oswald Cobblepot). As the two wait to make their move, the Court of the Owls has sent a Talon to assassinate The Penguin. Catwoman has to make a choice if whether or not she should intervene in the situation or ride out the massacre to retrieve the daggers.

The site has been trying to diverse the site providing Youtube, podcasting, and more engagement for the fans. This is the first Youtube comic review and want to get your input on how we can make it better. Whether or not we should continue with Youtube comic reviews.

The highlights on the video are the themes covered in the comic that I believed to be interesting to discuss. The video is ten minutes long and goes over spoilers throughout the video. If you have not read the issue yet, then I would not recommend listening to this video.

For more images of Catwoman #9  go to Catwoman #9: Mirrors Come In All Sizes .

Comment below or on DKN Facebook about what you think of Catwoman #9: Mirrors Come In All Sizes  . Do you prefer this style of review through Youtube? Did you like the artwork throughout the issue? Your comments are very important to us because we want to improve the site and provide more styles of posting stuff on the site.


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