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LEGO BATMAN 2 : DC Superheroes has done tons of advertising for the game that is coming out on June 19th. Some of the advertisements were character information on fighting tactics, characters’ personalities, and weaponry. For the game’s advertisement, the marketing department took the sole color scheme from Rocksteady’s Arkham City to tail coat the success of Arkham City. The marketing wants to encourage/ lure the gritty fans of Arkham City to buy LEGO BATMAN 2. Now, we are all smart people and I would never think for once that Lego would ever go gritty. However, it is a nice marketing approach to draw kids in with the sole color scheme inspired by Arkham City. A gold star to LEGO BATMAN 2. 

For more images of the Arkham City inspired LEGO BATMAN 2 go to LEGO BATMAN 2 : DC Superheroes.

Comment below or on DKN Facebook about what you think of LEGO BATMAN 2’s marketing to lure kids and adults to the game. Is Arkham City this era’s greatest game by far? Do you think Arkham City has paved a way for the continuing future of successful Batman games? Or do you think Arkham City will be the only Batman game that will be successful for a long time to come?


Source- VG247


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