This is Redhood and the Outlaws #9: Who Are You? review. Redhood and the Outlaws have set out to protect Victor Fries who is Mr. Freeze (throughout the video, I continue to say “fries” as in the food instead of saying Mr. Freeze. The great part is that I say “Fries” only a few times throughout the video. This is an error on my part).  The issue is very action packed with fight sequences and the art is dynamic.

The site has been trying to diverse the site providing Youtube, podcasting, and more engagement for the fans. This is the first Youtube comic review and want to get your input on how we can make it better. Whether or not we should continue with Youtube comic reviews.

The highlights on the video are the themes covered in the comic that I believed to be interesting to discuss. The video is ten minutes long and goes over spoilers throughout the video. If you have not read the issue yet, then I would not recommend listening to this video.

For more images of Redhood and the Outlaws #9  go to Redhood and the Outlaws #9: Who Are You? 

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