I Wonder If Criminals Wish This Would Come Out Of The Batmobile…

by Stephen Doria
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I received an interesting email today.  It is probably fake, but it is just fun to imagine a world where Batman looks like this.

I wonder if criminals wish this would come out of the Batmobile whenever they see it pull up….

The videos description is as follows:

While shooting a commercial for Shoot The Center Fold using the original Batmobile from Tim Burton’s 1989 film Batman, North Miami Beach cops pulled over the vehicle while producers waited around the corner with cameras rolling for the vehicle to drive by. The driver, a hot model wearing massive platform heels was given a warning for “Improper Footwear While Operating A Motor Vehicle.”

My only question is how did they know she had improper footwear on?

I bet she is thinking, “Batman does not have these problems and look how he dresses!!!”

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