Total Film released their ultimate Batman issue today and it revealed some interesting interviews with Anne Hathaway, Tom Hardy, and Christian Bale.  The issue also shows more awesome pictures of Bane, Batman, and Catwoman. Catwoman is toking a gun, click, clack! I do not believe that she will use the gun as a means to kill people, but rather scare the crap out of you when you approach her. I mostly think Catwoman will have empty threats when she threatens you, however a lovely bullet to your knee cap will be sufficient enough. We have a close-up of Bane’s mask and he looks fierce. His eyes scream, “YOU!” From the picture, Bane does not even have to say anything he can just look at you and you will just crap yourself immediately. I can not wait for replicas of this mask that will sell for $1,000 dollars. As always, Batman looks dynamic as hell. Why are there so many Gotham City patrol cars? Are they there to arrest Batman or are they here to help him? Hmmmm….

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Source- Total Film