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Since CinemaCon’12 was just a huge deal, I was hasty to post the five minute footage description on the site. Number one, it is The Dark Knight Rises. Number two, I was intently watching twitter blow up on CinemaCon. Number three, I wanted the site to get the drenching juice of the footage descriptions. Now…that CinemaCon is slowing down and there are more footage description scenes. I want to make a claim that at least one part of the description was incorrectly stated due the writer of Comic Book Movie copying from Cinemablend. This should not be an excuse on my part, but I am correcting the mistake. The following is to be corrected:

Miranda Tate saying, “You’ve given them everything,” and Bruce Wayne replying, “Not yet.”

Selina Kyle/ Catwoman

This is to be corrected as the following by Entertainment Weekly:

Catwoman says, “You’ve given them, everything,” and Batman growls “Not everything. Not yet.” 

FINALLY, SOME CATWOMAN DIALOGUE, JEEZ! Ripping my hair for a one liner that does not even give off the whole movie plot.  Oh! Catwoman, you challenge everything Batman does. It is only in your nature to bite first and figure out later. You, naughty little minx. HISS!

There were other descriptive scenes in the five minute footage that was not covered in Comic Book Movie. These scenes show a little bit more of the footage, but does not give away the whole story. The following are cited from the sites that posted these detailed descriptions:

Bruce/Batman scenes

Bale has sunken eyes; he looks pale and haggard, and uses a cane.  Alfred appears as if he hasn’t aged a day. “Don’t worry, Master Wayne,” the butler reassures him later in the footage. “It takes a little time to get back in the swing of things” (Entertainment Weekly).

Batman standing atop a bridge with the wind sweeping his cape behind him (Sean Gerber).

Selina/Catwoman scenes 

Selina Kyle (a.k.a. Catwoman) is a maid working in Wayne Manor. On screen, she is nearly skewered by a crossbow arrow Bruce appears to be firing in his dining room (Entertainment Weekly).

She’s (Selina/Catwoman) also quite the car thief, boosting Bruce’s Lamborghini (Sean Gerber).

Here was a brief shot of the two of them fighting side-by-side, but more importantly was the sympathy Catwoman showed to Batman and his cause. “You’ve given them everything,” she tells Batman, to which he replies,”No, not everything. Not yet” (Sean Gerber).

Joseph Gordon-Levitt/Mysterious Cloaked Figure scenes

There are several shots of Joseph Gordon-Levitt prowling through decimated city streets with a gun drawn (Entertainment Weekly).

A very intriguing shot of a mystery man at that stronghold in India (IGN).

Blake finds what he’s looking for in the form of a gun to the back of his head, but that scene cut away before we could see what became of him (Sean Gerber).

Bane scenes 

Bane and his men attacking the Gotham Stock Exchange (IGN).

Bane was also shown taking over the Gotham stock market, forcing brokers and other business men to march outside of the building with their hands behind their heads (Sean Gerber).

James Gordon (Comissioner) scenes

Gordon lighting a road flare while searching for Batman, only for The Dark Knight to oblige his old friend, emerging from the smoke (Sean Gerber).

Explosions & More

An explosion seals off downtown Gotham, allowing an army of infiltrators – or maybe just the dispossessed — to lay waste to the privileged class of the city while police – and even Batman – are helpless to stop it (Entertainment Weekly).

The ill-fated football field was shown again, but this footage showed us an additional explosion in either a press box or luxury suite (Sean Gerber).

Bane takes out the bridges to Gotham City, perhaps in an effort to deter the arrival of outside assistance (Sean Gerber).

A shot of Batman looking behind him and seeing Bane waiting for him. It looked like they could have been in The Batcave (Sean Gerber).


So, what we should be expecting from the new trailer are tons of explosions. BOOM, BOOM, BOOM! More Catwoman scenes and a one liner. Bruce looking drained and withering away. John Blake looking for trouble in the slums of Gotham getting a gun barrel pointed at his head. There is still no revealing reason behind his character, I still assume he could be Azrael. Bane being the total brute he is as a total bad ass.

What  probably got my heart pounding in my chest was Batman on top of a bridge with his cape flowing in the wind. EPIC MONEY SHOT! Hans Zimmer is going to owe that scene. I mean I might cry for this last movie, it is going to be so sad to see it end like this *silent tears.*

Comment below or on DKN Facebook about the new footage details and corrections. What can you now theorize now? Are the details  making more sense? Can you now figure out the plot a little bit more? If you do talk to us on the site, we’re dying to theorize with you.

Source- Entertainment Weekly, Sean Gerber of Modern Myth Media, IGN, and Cinemablend



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