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Greg Capullo

If you have not been keeping with The New 52‘s, Batman, fear not you have been sentenced to die! Right now, there is a Talon outside your window waiting to execute you. They are more silent than death by carbon monoxide!

Greg Capullo is the artistic genius behind bringing Scott

Capullo's Batman cowl

Snyder’s Night of the Owls‘ arc to life. He illustrates Bruce’s distant demeanor and good grittiness throughout the Batman issues.  Greg has been known to have done Spawn, which showcases his style of grittiness. Capullo pulled his inspiration from Frank

Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns. Capullo wanted to approach Batman with as much emotion as possible, which was just simple scariness. All throughout, this arc it has been just scary and exciting to see Batman at a disadvantage. However, many fans are asking “when does Batman start kicking some ass?” Greg tells iO9, what we should be expecting the tables to be turned:

This story line really sees Batman on the ropes. He doesn’t even have time to shave because he’s too busy getting the shit kicked out of him. People have been asking me, “When is Batman going to give these guys what’s coming to them?” Issue #8 is just the warm-up. Issue #9 is when the ass-kicking really goes full-tilt, and Issue #10 is when things get even crazier. It’s going to be beautiful.

Ah! YES! Issue #8 is just the start to the madness that is in store for the Court. There will be mayhem, blood, maniacal, and just plain ole twisted stuff headed our way, artistically of course. Issue #8 is coming out April 18th, so let THE MADNESS BEGIN! 

Source- iO9




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