DKN Exclusive Rumor:John Blake Is Azrael?

by Matt
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Take this as complete rumor but this morning I got a very interesting email submission from a guy named Cory91. He claims that his friend works for “Wizkids” the makers of “HeroClix” and that while they are currently working on Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises figure sets, they are given in depth descriptions of each character and that there was one character with info we have not yet heard. DC provided them with a very interesting bio for the John Blake figure that had to be hidden from the public at the recent press unavailing and conventions:

“A hard-nosed young Gotham beat cop who is assigned to a special task unit to take down the vigilante known as “The Batman” becomes an unlikely ally to the Dark Knight. When the mercenary known as “Bane” breaks the prisoners out of Blackgate Prison, the city becomes overrun and Blake takes the codename of “Azrael” to help Batman stop Bane.”

Now Cory91 did not provide ANY proof just the above, so again take this with a grain of salt. The only reason I thought this was interesting or plausible is that it loosely aligns with the leaked pictures and videos we’ve seen of Blake and Bruce Wayne talking together and driving somewhere in a car.

Ally to Batman?

We’ve also seen a leaked video of Blake and some gasoline, helping Batman blow up one of Bane’s tumblers. So while Blake may not dawn a costume or turn out to be Robin, maybe a nice code name of “Azrael” would fit?

An example of the new heroclix line.

I personally do not believe this, but I thought it was an interesting enough rumor to share.

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