Rumors claim that Christopher Nolan will be coming to San Diego Comic Con 2012. This will be his first time coming to any Comic Con since he started directing the Batman films. So, San Diego better pop that cherry right. If you are going to  San Diego Comic Con this year, take tons of pictures and post on Youtube  so the rest of  the country and world can be in awe of Nolan’s awesomeness.

Other rumored appearances at Comic Con will be Anne Hathway and Tom Hardy. Our super villains are going to be fabulous and our hero…hold on…where is Christian Bale in all this? Yea…there has been no word on his appearance at this year’s Comic Con. I mean this is his last chance to be Batman why would he even miss this chance? But, wait…a word from an anonymous insider at Warner Bros.: 

“Warner Bros was hoping that Chris [Nolan] would take advantage of Comic Con 2012 since he’s never been so it looks like they’ll be a panel with Chris, Tom Hardy and Anne Hathaway. We’re not sure about Christian Bale, but since this is the final Batman movie for them, I can’t imagine him not attending…but you know how Christian can be.”

Oh, Christian you are such a tease. DON’T DO THAT IT’S UNBECOMING YOU CAPPED TOOTH JERK! More from an insider at Warner Bros. : 

“Chris [Nolan] would love to keep it a surprise appearance, but in this day and age, it’s pretty impossible.”

Oh! So it’s the man with the camera who keeps us on the edge. YOU SLICK SON OF A GUN! Why must you hurt us so…we love you and we hate you.  (Sob!) There will be rumored sneak peek footage, a Q&A panel, plus more. I do not know what the “plus more”  is, but it is best to say there will be MOAR!


Comment below about what you think or how excited you are about this year’s Comic Con at San Diego. Could this be a vicious rumor?  Do you think that Christian Bale will make an appearance at San Diego Comic Con 2012? Will Nolan mess with us and give us a SUPER SURPRISE?

Source- Best Movies Ever News via Comic Book Movie