Arkham City DLC Coming Soon & Never Before Seen Easter Egg

by Ryan Shields
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In a recent Interview with ‘‘, Sefton Hill let slip that new DLC for Arkham City will be coming soon. Also he released a never before seen easter egg to the public. Read below:


In an interview held by Bonus Round’s Geoff Keighley, Sefton mentions that “announcements on DLC are coming,” and that there are more “exciting things to come.” Unfortunately that’s all he was willing to give away and the content within this DLC is still clouded in mystery. None the less, there’s no doubt that Rocksteady are working very hard to satisfy their fans and continue their great success.

And for an added bonus Sefton Hill also revealed an all new easter egg in Batman: Arkham City. Claimed to be un-found by the community the secret lies within the rewind cut-scene when you leave Batman to die as Catwoman. Listen carefully when watching the video and you’ll hear a message from The Joker played backwards, reverse the phrase and you’ll hear the hidden message “Thank you for the entertainment, Bats.” Check it out in the video below!

Think that’s all the easter eggs found? Think again! Sefton makes a point in saying that the community have yet to find them all and that a few awesome ones still remain un-touched! Could one of them point to a sequel?


“Awesome. I cant wait for the DLC and I know Matt is gonna try to see what he’s missed as far as Easter Eggs go 🙂 –Brandon


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