Justice League Cover Talk

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If you’ve been reading Justice League then you’ll enjoy this info. DC The Source talked to Gary Frank  about the cover to the next issue of Justice League .

I noticed how it was generally Superman or Batman at the center of this kind of ensemble shot, so I thought I’d give the girls the spotlight this time by putting Wonder Woman in the heart of things.

We asked Gary to draw #7’s cover simply because this issue contains Gary’s gorgeous first chapter of the ongoing ‘Shazam!’ backup story,” said series editor Brian Cunningham. “We felt it was a nice nod to tie the main League cast and Gary together. And, like he always does, Gary gives each League member a strong sense of humanity that not many artists can match. It’s what makes him an elite talent and we’re thrilled to be able to work with him on an ongoing basis. Oh, and wait’ll you see Gary’s take on Shazam and his cast — it’s his best stuff yet!

Source-DC Comics

– Adam

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