The Dark Knight Rises Promo Food Truck

by Ryan Shields
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Exclusively at Toy Fair 2012 in NYC, there is a food truck from Warner Brothers that is specially designed for The Dark Knight Rises Toy Fair Promo. On the Truck there is new pics that feature ‘Batman’, ‘Gotham’ and ‘The Bat’. 



According to insiders, ‘The trucks are serving up free breakfast and lunch to Toy Fair attendees, and are also said to offer free premiums to all visitors through today (Feb. 13th, 2012)’. So if you are at the Toy Fair, stop by for a a free lunch and take a pic with the awesome truck.


“I LOVE that Design and hope they soon make a poster of it. Nothing screams ‘A WATCHFUL PROTECTOR. A DARK KNIGHT’ more than that design.” –Brandon


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