Tully Summers Talks The Dark Knight Rises

by Ryan Shields
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Tully Summers is a well respected Illustrator & Concept Artist in Hollywood. His work includes (Thor, Avatar, Green Lantern, Star Trek and TRON: Legacy). Well ‘Tully’ had nothing but praise and respect for his newest Project ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ and its Director ‘Christopher Nolan’. In the latest Interview with Cine Web Radio, Tully shared some discussion about TDKR. Here is what he had to say:


CWR: “You work mainly on the science fiction, fantastic, or fantasy film. But this year you work on The Dark Knight Rises. How does this change to work on the next Batman (with a realistic style) than your previous films?”

TS: “The difference for me was Christopher Nolan’s visual style. One of the things that makes his Batman movies so compelling is their tone of plausibility. He will often prefer a raw, grittier design over one that is very sleek and product design pretty. It’s sort of a practical military aesthetic. This stuff is made to work, not impress shoppers. The Dark Knight Rises is a war film.”


CWR: “(You worked on Bane & Catwoman concept arts ) … What do you think about these spy set pictures on the net? What do you think about the reactions of users and the general public?”

TS: “Films like Batman are meticulously planned. Every shot is storyboarded, framed, lighted and choreographed to camera. Any photos taken that are not from the intended camera are out of context. In a sense it’s like judging Sesame Street or the Muppets from a set photo: “That’s ridiculous! There’s a whole guy hanging out that character!” Christopher Nolan is a consummate filmmaker. Consider his body of work and his first 2 Batman movies. I don’t think fans will be disappointed.”



“The understanding of where Christopher Nolan is taking this movie is making me so fuckin’ Hyped. This is definitly turning out to have the Potential to top The Dark Knight and I cannot Wait.” – Brandon


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Source: Cine Web Radio

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