Two Writers Vye For ‘Batgirl’ Scribe Duties

Two Female Writers Want To Give Words To Babs

Joss Whedon has stepped down as writer and director of the proposed Batgirl movie. With the success of Wonder Woman, a female may be the best choice to helm Batgirl. DKN’s Sharna Jahangir expressed this point in an opinion post.

Besides a female director, some think the script could also use a woman’s touch. Two female writers, one who is familiar with Batgirl, want the opportunity. After Whedon announced cutting ties with Batgirl, Bad Feminist author Roxane Gay offered her services. She even received a response from DC Entertainment.

Gay tweeted “Hey DC Comics, I can write your Batgirl movie, no prob.” Warner Bros. Entertainment and  DC Comics VP Michele Wells responded: “If you’re serious…contact me.” Gay is no stranger to comics. She co-wrote Black Panther: World of Wakanda with Yona Harvey.

Former Batgirl comics writer Gail Simone also showed interest in the position. She also took to Twitter and has a concept in mind.

When someone suggested that Simone and Gay work together on Batgirl, Simone responded ‘I’m in.” Little is known about the proposed Batgirl film. DKN will offer the latest news as it becomes available. What are your thoughts on a female director and/or writer(s) for Batgirl? Sound off below, and on our social media.

Kevin Gunn

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