Review: Trinity #14

“Dark Destiny,” Part III


Writer: Rob Williams 

Artist: V Ken Marion 

Colorist: Dinei Ribeiro

Artwork, fantastic! The story is… okay! Rob Williams is wonderful with writing the characters, I can tell he knows and cares for them, but I’m needing some heart. Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman just dealt with the possessed Outlaws, but now they have to deal with over-taken Superman. It’s a good common narrative, where two of the Trinity has to fight a possessed evil member. The past issues of Trinity have done it, where a virus took over every member of the Justice League, to be honest, it’s too common. I need them to change that up! Or at least tug on some heartstrings.

Trinity #14 has had a few strong chances to develop interesting relationships between the characters, whether between Zatanna and Constantine or Bruce and Jason. I’m starting to feel as if is this a business tactic. So we only receive this warm feeling every once an issue? This might just be my own conspiracy. Red Hood was possessed, and as Batman and Red Hood are known as the dysfunctional duo, there could have been more emotions in this. The taunting is fun though.

On the plus side, Zatanna and Constantine are always a treat to see! And this issue makes for some wicked action. Like Francis Manapul’s issues, Trinity has a hunger for creature feature comic issues.

My favorite bit, however, is the art. Check out Diana’s fight stance.

The monstrous forms and the colors are alluring. They keep your eyes busy, even if the writing is a little weak. I am a firm collector of this issue, and so the art is certainly what’s keeping me a loyal collector.


I’m not going to knock this arc down. It has some good moments. We get some great action shots of the Batmobile being in use. It’s always sick to see its new upgrades.

The “vroooooom!” can take you back to your childhood. Possessive demons are also perfect for the month of Halloween. I’m looking forward to its conclusion, but I do hope for an ending that instills some strong emotions.

Image Courtesy of DC Entertainment

Sharna Jahangir

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